Today i Will Explain How to Configure GrameenPhone Internet Manually  

GrameenPhone Auto Internet Settings or Sms Based Internet Settings Does`t Play fair  with All handset .Especially with Chinese Mobile Phone,Unknown Brand Mobile Phone ,New Released Mobile phone ,Apple I-phone etc
But You Can Configure GrameenPhone Internet/Wap/MMS manually for any Mobile Phone Like I-phone,chines phone  etc
Just Follow Some Easy Steps
Go to your Mobile Internet Option then settings Then create a new Profile/Connection using this below settings
Manual WAP Settings:

Profile/Settings Name = GP-WAP
APN (Access Point Name) = gpwap
WAP Gateway (Proxy) IP =
WAP Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080
WAP Homepage =
Data Bearer = GPRS
Manual MMS Settings:

Profile/Settings Name = GP-MMS
APN (Access Point Name) = gpmms
Gateway (Proxy) IP =
Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080
Relay Server URL =
Data Bearer = GPRS

Manual Internet Settings:

Profile/Settings Name = GP-INTERNET
APN (Access Point Name) = gpinternet

GP wap is the best for mobile browsing but you can use GP internet as well.