A lot of newbies’ asked me that they complete their profile 100%. But not getting any job. They become so frustrated.

So I want to give some helpful tips for freelancer who are not getting job.

Day by day competitions are increasing rapidly in freelance market place. So it is hard for newbie to get a job. But following tips will be helpful to get job in marketplace.

1. Have patience and what you need to have is constant moving apply for jobs if you are fit for the job. Don’t get frustrated if you see no response from any of your applied jobs, you need to have your moral high and constant moving. (In freelancing this is must thing that a newbie must have.)

2. Try to reduce your hourly rate (as you are newbie) as you should give a reason to your employer to hire you and in case of newbie this is possible having your rate a bit low. Try to make a good relation first.
In addition, bidding with a lower rate does not always help.

3. Hide the scores that are below average and retake them and try to improve them. Try to pass couple of more tests with good average.

4. Try to write custom cover letter to every job you apply. This is most important thing which 80% contractors do not care for. Write in cover letter exactly that what your employer wants to see in. DO NOT copy and paste one sample cover letter to every job.

5. Don’t ever show you are needy of money and you need a job, never beg for the job. Always try to give your expertise that what you can do actually for your employer. Show your employer your skills, your experiences and most important what you can do for him/her.